Monday, November 21, 2011

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

      So I had a nice visit with my chiropractor today. If you've never tried it, and your insurance covers it - go. My lower back has been in spasms for 3 days now with sciatic pain down the front and back of my left leg. I finally went to the Chiro and she twisted me gently into a pretzel, and then POP! All better. No pain. Thank you nice lady.
     Now before all this magic happened I was sitting in the waiting room and there was a poster saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I had to reflect on it while I waited, and I began to think of what I could have done to better maintain my healthy back status. Well, better ergonomics is obvious - I need to lift Amaya with my legs, bend at the hips less, and sit at my computer WAY less. I also need to drink more water, stretch daily, and keep exercising.
      We all know what we should do, so what keeps us from doing it - better yet, what causes us to do what we do do? Well, thanksgiving is an easy example - habits, tradition, pressure from friends and family, and simply wanting to do what we want to do (namely eating until turkey comes out our ears, and then promptly doing nothing for the next few hours). Ok, but what about every other day of the year?
       In order to stop the cycle of fighting with ourselves, and everyone around us, we need to stop fighting at all. Getting a healthy, balanced self comes directly from having healthy, balanced thoughts. SO, make new traditions - do a turkey fun-run/walk every year! Develop new habits: When people ask to bring a dish, ask them to bring sides (less desserts means less temptations AND less pressure from the hosts to "please eat more! I can't keep it all!" Develop healthier pressures with friends and family: instead of showing your love by stuffing them full of high calorie, low nutrition goodies, show your love by stuffing them full of fresh, colorful, healthful, delicious dishes! Lastly, if you are super stubborn, have low self-control, or generally just dig your heels in when someone tries to tell you what to do - change your thoughts, and your body will follow. Instead of wanting to eat poorly and do nothing, WANT to eat well, want to feel good after you eat, want to improve your digestion, mood, and outlook by exercising during the holidays!
      Make a list. A mental list is ok, or go crazy and write it out - but make a list of the reasons you haven't done what you should do over the holidays or at get-togethers, and then re-frame the problem so that you can develop a positive thought process about that problem. Then, when that situation arises you will be prepared with your new healthful, balanced thoughts! Good luck!

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