Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pre-thanksgiving wellness?

       My name is Kasha and I'm a holistic nurse, and mamma of one super awesome one year old! I wanted to start this blog because of all the people I talk to about life, the universe, and everything- people who want to know more about how they can live healthy in this unhealthy world. I will be posting stories, advice (your following it is entirely up to you), and general thoughts about holistic living, finding balance, and about good solid nutritional information.
       So what makes me qualified to do this? I'm an APRN, I have a PhD, I'm certified in advanced holistic nursing, I've taught nutrition to college students, families, and patients for years, and I'm a beachbody coach. Does this make me qualified, I don't really know - but I do know that it shows that I have lots of experience talking to people about wellness, that I've probably made mistakes and learned from them, and that I have a true passion for the topic.
        My post for today is my thoughts on pre-thanksgiving wellness. So we all know that thanksgiving is just around the corner. Basically we all decide as a people to abandon our diet and exercise plans starting on Thanksgiving. Some of us wantonly abandon all hope of eating well and exercising until January first, and others of us just schizophrenically binge, starve/fast/exercise, binge, repeat.  As a healthcare professional, I can tell you that now is the time to make your action plan! When Auntie is pushing another helping of 'taters on to your plate and coating it with chocolate syrup and regret - that is NOT the time to decide what you want. Decide now how much you will eat, what you will eat, and how you will stick to your exercise routine. What will you say to family members that insist you must take a plate home of Thanksgiving-trauma? Focus on your triggers, your favorite holiday foods, and develop a plan of attack! For example, I love starchy yummy veggies and stuffing - all the sides. Well, offer to bring a side dish of your own so you can control the butter, cream, and salt content. Find healthy alternatives and bring that dish so you can at least have one dish you can feel comfortable with. Or plan to have only one ladle full and that you will fill up the rest of the plate with salad, unadulterated veggies, or lean meats. Eat a healthy snack before going to the party - yes, ruin your appetite! Drink plenty of water, and be sure to at least take a walk on the holiday. Lastly, get your exercise in early. You won't likely feel like it after dinner and merry making, so go early. If festivities are at your house, the morning is the perfect time to go and have some quiet time to de-stress before your crazy family and friends come over.
        In the end, be THANKFUL for the health you have, the air in and out, for the people around you, and that you have food to spare. Make less food this holiday and give more away! Take care of what you have and be grateful for your beautiful body and all the ways it helps you love, nurture, and care for the people in your life. I know I am:)


  1. Kasha , I think your off to a great start here ! Funny thing is i just started working on my summer body this morning !!! so this is right on time girlfriend ! Summer body coach , you go girl !
    i am following you and need to ..You see I have a horrible horrible addiction to soda ! I cant get enough of that stuff...So i need to get back to basics and make water my friend...
    Happy Thanksgiving ....I am planning to do some volunteer work that day , so i should have little temptation but still , these are awesome tips lady love...
    okay , you have a new reader so keep on keeping on !!!! take care !

  2. Soda addiction, hmm? Good topic for next time! Thank you for volunteering too, it is the best way to say "I'm giving thanks!"

  3. I was quite inspired upon reading this. Today, (Thanksgiving), I raised my hand at the dinner table, "I vote for a new Thanksgiving tradition: after dinner, we all go for a walk." And I didn't get the woes that I would normally expect from my family. As a matter of fact, my sister jumped in on the idea, as did my two brothers, and--after a little convincing--my mother joined us as well. She tried the excuse of "my jeans are too tight", but the idea of sweatpants quickly entered the conversation, and it all worked out.

    The only ones who didn't join were my asthmatic grandmother, and my stepfather (who stayed behind to keep my gran company).

    So we walked for a good half mile to a local park, stopped to skip stones into the pond and take a break cause *I* was huffing and puffing, and then we walked back at a slower pace.

    IT WAS AWESOME. What was even more awesome was my mother's gratitude she continually expressed for the rest of the evening--because she felt so great having walked, and if she hadn't gone for that walk, she would've fallen asleep not long after dinner.

    So thank you, Kasha, for the inspiration to begin a new Thanksgiving Tradition! Today I am grateful for my health!

  4. Melissa, I am so happy for you and your family! An after dinner walk is great for digestion, staying active, and gives the family time to focus on each other instead of doing dishes or watching TV. I am so inspired that you took the initiative to speak up- and doubly glad that you were rewarded with such a positive experience.

    On a side note, it is also perfect that you and the family modified your activity to your own health level. Ultimately, that helps you stick to the activity longer, and feel successful afterwards! Congratulations, and keep walking:)